Vegas Pouqu caters webi connect marketing solution to deliver basic consumer needs, commodity and technology directly to your home. We don’t crowd our market arena with multiple products. We select items that is hot , functional in any circumstances and dominant for daily use.

“We post it here because you need it”

We promote readiness material in any events

The company patronized patented devices that enhance consumer safety and security. We recommend items that make everyone ready for everyday activity and unforeseen events.

Jojjii Concept

Jojjii’s concept is about silent method of communication that you can utilized to convey message and proposal in a poetic style. Jojjii had innovated the mode of sending information via quotes, thoughts and poetry. It is your trade for motivational idea, inspirational concept, influential reasoning, provoking written opinions and suggestive notions.

“Visit Jojjii’s poetic greets that steal attention”

Listen to your pets


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